Will Roulette Bonuses Catch Slot Promotions Bonus Boom

The bonus boom will see hundreds of new casinos wage war against the leading brands as the gaming industry approaches a point of saturation amidst epidemic competition. What players really want are equal opportunities for their bonuses and promotions. Last year we saw online slots related promos increase by around 47% with roulette simulators and live table games receiving just a small fraction of this new exposure. So the big question is this, will casino roulette bonuses catch up to slots as welcome packages boom in the coming weeks and months.

The problem fans of roulette games face is the massive piece of cake the slots market gobbles up when it comes to sitting down for dinner with the casino industry. Blockbuster movies, seasonal events and trending themes make it much more suitable to build a fruit machine around that it is a roulette table, so hence we get the slots. Yet there’s still a big gap of players who spin at the tables and want more from their providers. Free spins is one thing, no deposit bonuses are another (pretty common) but what about an actual promo targeting fans of the red and black game of ultimate chance. We can only hope that someone is listening.

If gaming sites want to do more for their roulette players then they should be thinking of specifics aimed at them. These might include competitions such as last man at the table, leader boards for top wagering members and larger welcome packages made exclusive to the roulette tables. Whilst at the moment there is no evidence to suggest that roulette based offers will catch up to video slots, there is no denying that the bonus boom will present more opportunities for those who want more than just spinning reels. If you play machines at the betting shop, love hitting automated simulators at the casino or just like you’re betting your odds or evens, now might be a good time to spin online.